​​​ Born To Bee

Ingredients: Beeswax (Cera Alba), Aloe Vera Oil Extract,Soy Bean Oil , Shea Butter ​(Natural Unrefined) , Olive OilCoconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Zinc Oxide, Vanilla Oil.

Why Beeswax?

When constructing a honeycomb, bees secrete a nutrient-rich substance called beeswax. Utilized in a variety of skin care products, beeswax improves the condition of skin.

Beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin from damaging environmental factors. Beeswax effectively softens your skin and creates a long-lasting protective coating against the elements (and in the case of diaper creams we know what that is!) . It is also a naturally nourishing moisturizer as well as being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant.  According to Botanical.com, “Even after processing, beeswax still remains a biologically active product, retaining some anti-bacterial properties and also contains some vitamin A, which is necessary for normal cell development.” 

Sweet Cheeks

Anti-Rash Bottom Butter

Because of the healing, softening and antiseptic properties associated with beeswax, numerous skin care lines incorporate it. According to the FAO, “Even small quantities show effects of improvement…”. The National Center of Biotechnology reported clinical and mycological benefits of topical application of olive oil and beeswax in diaper dermatitis.

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Diaper rash makes everyone unhappy...So battle the rash with our Bottom Butter!

Natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in Sweet Cheeks Anti-Rash Bottom Butter helps sooth irritated skin and help prevent future flare ups.

Bonus: It's easy to apply even when baby is trying to wiggle away!

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